Quality in Products & Service

Rolanda SAS team are specialized in their fast connections to deliver the orders as fast as possible. It guaranty to deliver the order within 20 to 30 days as maximum upon confirming the proforma.

In order to insure the quality of our sold products, the QC team, uses a modern laboratory equipped with the best analytical tools available.

Each shipped lot is preserved over a period of 3 years, analytical data is always available and can be provided to our customers upon their request.

Order Compliance

Our team makes sure you will have your order, exactly as per your requested items and as per the quantities that you requested.

Quality Audit

Our QC team performs continuous quality audit to make sure you will always have the best quality products every time.

Timely Processing

Orders are processed as soon as received in a timely manner. Usually orders are shipped between 20 and 30 days of proforma date.